Stainless Steel Gear Alloy Helical Straight Helical Gear Spiral Bevel Gear



* In Mild Steel bevel gears,, Stainless Steel bevel gears, Alloy Steel bevel gears,, Hardened and Tempered Steels bevel gears, Case Hardened Steels bevel gears, Induction hardened, Cast Iron bevel gears, or as specified
* for Automobiles truck and Industries and agricultural bevel gears gearboxes
* Custom made as per Specifications, Drawing or Sample or request
* Teeth Size from 1 Module/10 D.P. to 10 Module/2.5 D.P. or as per print
* Outer Diameter start from 25MM to 500MM
* Face Width Max. 500MM
* Required technic information for quotation from customer for bevel gearboxes :
* Material of Construction – steel, hardening and tempering required etc
* Teeth profile information – pitch, angle
* Outer Diameter like total length and so on
* Face Angle
* Bore size
* Key way size
* Hub size
* Any other requirement

Where two axles cross at point and engage by means of a pair of conical gears, the gears themselves are referred to as bevel gears. These gears enable a change in the axes of rotation of the respective shafts, commonly 90°( or at XX degrees as per print) We can usefour bevel gears in a square to make a differential gearboxes, which can transmit power to two axles spinning at different speeds, such as those on a cornering truck and automobile and trcotrs.

Product Name
bevel gear, helical gear,  spur gear, gear shaft
45 # carbon steel
 various specifications, support non-standard customization
high transmission efficiency, smooth operation, low noise, not easy to corrosion and rust
suitable for a variety of food, medical machinery and equipment, engineering equipment, etc