Miter Gears

A bevel gear is a gear in which the axes of the two shafts intersect, and the tooth surface of the gear itself is conical. Miter gears are typically mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart and have a 1:1 gear ratio. There are two types of mitre gears according to the tooth shape. The two types are straight helical gears and helical gears.


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Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

SSJ Spiral Bevel Gearboxes offer the ultimate in performance and design versatility. They provide high precision for motion control and a rugged construction to withstand rigorous dynamics.

They are ideal for demanding applications requiring high speed, precise motion, low backlash, or special environmental conditions. Contact us to manufacture a bevel gearbox to fit your specific application.


  • Low Backlash
  • High Durability
  • Wide Range of Models and Ratios
  • Completely Machined Housings
  • All Metric Dimensions
  • Custom Designs Available


Bevel and Miter Gears Develop Axial Thrust; Adequate Bearing support Must be Provided
Spiral Bevel and Miter Gears have continuous pitch line contact and are smoother and quieter than straight tooth gears. Spiral Bevel and Miter gears must be run in sets of mating gears with opposite hand spiral.

Bevel/Miter   Gear

Unique within the bevel gear family are those gears with a 1:1 reduction ratio. These are identified as Miter gears. A Miter gear has the shape of a right circular cone and the set of gears intersects at the pitch apex of each gear. Although the cylindrical gear tooth profile corresponds to an involute tooth form, the miter gear tooth profile is octodial.

SSJ’s miter gears are available in a variety of styles. We offer straight tooth, spiral tooth, and SSJ miter gears. These gears are offered in many materials, configurations, modules and numbers of teeth. Many of the products that we offer allow for secondary operations such as opening the bore, adding of keyways, adding of tapped holes, or reduction of the hub diameter to be performed. Our offering also includes products which have already had some of these secondary operations completed. These products are identified by a “J” in their part number and they are available within 10 calendar days.

Supplier of Premium Metric Miter Gears

Different Product Types

 Straight Bevel Gears

When the tooth is along the generating line of the cone (perpendicular line connecting the apex to the base circle), it is called a straight bevel gear.  Straight bevel gears are relatively easy to make and have simple shapes.

Spiral Bevel Gears

This is a bevel gear with a curved tooth profile. Compared to straight bevel gears, they have a larger contact surface, resulting in smoother rotation and less noise. They are suitable for high-speed heavy-duty work, but the production process is more difficult. Additionally, twisting of the tooth profile creates thrust loads that require attention. Spiral bevel gears are divided into Klingberg form and Gleason form according to the tooth shape cutting method and tooth shape, but now the Gleason form is the mainstream.

Miter Gears

A pair of gears with the same number of gear teeth that transmits motion between the two right angle shafts are called miter gears.  They are often used to change the direction of rotation without affecting speed. Miter gears also come in straight and spiral teeth. There are also special angular miter gears which have shaft angles other than 90 degrees.

Hypoid Gears

Hypoid gears are sometimes used in automotive rear wheel drives and have cone shapes.  They could be considered to be a type of spiral bevel gears.  However, because the pinion shaft is offset from the large gear shaft, they are classified as non-intersecting shaft gears.

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